Monday, April 11, 2011

Cleveland Worries

This is my little red canary, Cleveland Brown.  I named him this because he sports the colors of my favorite football team, and I love him with all of my heart!  You may remember that I wrote this post about him several months ago.  Cleveland has a beautiful singing voice, and when he begins his melodic arias each day, it's like the entire house is filled with the essence of Spring!

But Cleveland's joyful trills are a bit deceiving.  Although he is provided daily with fresh water, a variety of delicious foods, fun toys, and a bright, sunny location from which to sing, Cleveland worries.  A lot.

When I approach his cage each day, his singing is replaced with frantic, frightened calls.  "Bweeep!!  Bweeep!!  Bweeep!"  Even though I do this EVERY day, and he is NEVER harmed, Cleveland worries.  Actually, EACH time he is rewarded with fresh water, replenished food, and even a freshly-diced apple treat.  But still, Cleveland worries.  I understand that it must be very unnerving, indeed, to experience a large hand reaching into your territory each morning and invading your space, but I'm stunned that he hasn't yet learned that these few seconds of discomfort ALWAYS lead to delicious treats.  Still, Cleveland worries.

I hate that I cause this fear in my sweet little songbird.  I wish I could somehow make him see that I love him with a heart so big, so full,  I couldn't hurt a feather on his precious, tiny head.  I wish he could see that I would defend him against anyone or anything that dared tried to cause him harm.  I wish he could see that the times when we DO need to cause him discomfort, it tears my heart into little pieces to hear his frightened cries.  Like when we have to catch him so we can hold him to clip his nails or put him in a holding cage so we can clean his home.  By the time we finally finish the unpleasant task and return him to the safety of his cage, I am a sweaty, useless wreck.

As I reached into Cleveland's cage this morning and heard the familiar "Bweeps" of fright, I thought about my own fears in this life.  Like the house we still own in York, PA, that's been on the market since last May, and still hasn't sold.  Or when we first moved here to Nashville, and I feared I wouldn't be able to find a job or make any new friends.  Boy, did I worry.

I forget about the One who watches over me, the One who is my protector.  The One who will defend me, and keep me from harm, and make sure I am clothed and fed.  The One who weeps with me when I cry and worry that things will never get better, even though He knows they will.

I'm a lot more like my little canary than I care to admit, actually.  He and I both have it way better than we'll ever know.


Teresa Evangeline said...

It sounds like that little bird is a good little teacher, and you have listened. I think there's a pretty cool parable about sparrows.... Infinite care is all around us, no matter where we seem to be. I'm so glad you're back.

Being Me said...

Oh what a sweet little bird. Cleveland's not so bad himself... bwahahaha. C'mahn, it was begging to be said.

But really, I love your metaphor here. Very poignant. As always. Have missed your writing, Joan!

Unknown said...

What a pretty bird!

ReformingGeek said...

Ahs, poor wittle thing. I guess it's just their nature to worry.

Yep. Sounds like us.

Nice post, Joan!

Liz Mays said...

Yes, both of you are in the safe, protective arms of someone who loves you.


Shady Del Knight said...

Cleveland is probably conditioned to fear your hand because he remembers the unpleasant experience of being held and clipped. Birds do not like to be held. At one time we owned pet finches and one of them broke its leg. We took it to the vet and were told that small birds can only be held for a short period of time for examination or other purposes. If they are held too long they go into shock and can die. My dog will be 12 years old this summer and she still doesn't get what I'm doing when I pick up her food dish to give her fresh water. All these years she still thinks I'm trying to steal her food and growls at me! It's frustrating when the love we give to our animals is not comprehended or reciprocated.

Linda Myers said...

Thanks. I've been peeping in fear a lot in the last few days. Why do I forget I'm cared for?

Sylvia K said...

Take a deep breath, the worst is over and things are looking up and maybe Cleveland will begin to feel the same one of these days! Hope you have a good week -- both of you!


Kathy B said...

You are indeed held and cared for. We all need to remember. Thanks!

Rachel said...

Such a good allegory to how we can be with our Heavenly provider... when He has given us every reason to believe that He is more than able to take care of our needs.

What a beautiful "sparrow" you have there :)

Cheeseboy said...

Amazing metaphor. Great to see the faith you have. Just as you want the best for your little bird friend, He wants the best for you.

Becky @ #makeitagooddayfriends said...

I so needed to hear that message on a day like today! Thank you!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Cleveland looks like he's looking right into the camera lense for you. That funny.
I love the color!

Green Monkey said...

Cleveland is gorgeous as was your post. I think this was exactly what I needed on this sleepless night. everything is intensified at night. I'll stop worrying now and get some rest...... zzzzzzzz Thanks Cleveland

Gal Friday said...

Are you SURE your bird is expressing worry? I would not know, since I am not familiar with birds, myself. I am a "worrier" type--wish I could let go and put myself in the hands of fate or God better.
Your bird is beautiful, BTW(did not know canaries came in that color)--I'll have to read more about Cleveland.
BTW, my brother lives in York(has for the last 15 years or so).

jon said...

Wow! This is ironic. I had a bird that looked exactly like that. His name was Cleveland Brown.

Sadly He wanted a bigger cage, more food, fresher water. I wouldn't back down. neither would Cleveland.

I advertised him on Craig's list and sold him to a woman in Baltimore. She painted him black. I haven't heard from him but I keep hearing about the "Baltimore Raven."

I wonder.

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