Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's A Major Award!!!

Check it out!! I've been awarded!! I received this fantastic honor from my new friend Megs, who pens her own awesome blog, Box of Tricks. Stop by and give it a read, it's terrific!

You know, I initially began this blog when my husband suggested it might be a creative way to practice my writing while also receiving helpful feedback and constructive criticism. What I didn't expect, was that I would be introduced to this whole wonderful "blogosphere" of sites that are delightfully funny, heartwarming, and thought-provoking. Some of them are daily journals, others are pictorials, ALL of them are lovely. When I first began to timidly reach out to some of the authors, I found them to be tremendously helpful and encouraging, and I'll never, ever be able to appropriately express how grateful I am for their indispensable support. This award is an example of that kindness. Thanks, Megs, you made my day!!

Ok, so the way this works, apparently, is that I now have to list seven interesting things about myself, then tag seven more blogs that I'm currently following. I feel like I've "revealed" facts about myself ad nauseum throughout this blog, and I'm not sure how interesting this will be, but, I like a challenge! So, here goes:

1. When I was twenty-three, I was a chorus girl in the national touring company of South Pacific, starring Robert Goulet. We toured all over the US and Canada, and professionally, it was THE greatest time of my life. Mr. Goulet was a consummate professional and has since passed away, but his deep, melodic rendition of "This Nearly Was Mine" will be with me always!

2. Although I am a performer and an extrovert, I can get very nervous and tongue-tied when talking with strangers on the phone (ex: repairmen, doctor's offices, etc.). If prompted to leave a message, I usually babble-on needlessly, leaving out pertinent information or using the wrong words to describe something. I have NO idea why.

3. When I lived in NYC, I was once mugged by three men just a few steps from the front door of my apartment building. I should probably tell that story in my blog one day!!

4. I have XM satellite radio in my car, which broadcasts hundreds of channels, with categories including talk, sports, comedy, country, rap, christian, new age, pop, heavy metal, and much, much more! Yet I rarely move the dial from "The 40's" channel. I LOVE big band music, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Rosemary Clooney. Their music makes my ears happy!!

5. That being said, my favorite song of all time is "She's Got A Way" by Billy Joel. I love how honest and simple it is. I can't imagine being the girl he wrote this song for, nor hearing him sing it to me for the first time. Swoon!

6. When I'm driving and see a dead animal on the side of the road, I immediately say a prayer for it. I know "the jury" is still out on whether or not animals get to abide in heaven, but I figure a prayer said on their behalf can't hurt, right? I love the idea of someday making it to heaven myself and being greeted by all those creatures I've prayed for over the years. Nice, huh?

7. I take great pride in the fact that I have the self-discipline to drag my sleepy self onto the treadmill every morning and pound-out 3-5 miles, yet that discipline is basically non-existent by the evening. That's the time when I am consumed with an intense craving for a glass of red wine, cheese, and crackers. The food usually wins! So back on the treadmill I climb the next see a pattern forming here?

So, there you have it! Hope that was along-the-lines of what was expected. Now I'm required to tag seven other sites that I'm following, so you can check them out as well. The first two listed are authored by two good friends of mine, the rest are all part of my new blogging community friends! I know you'll enjoy them all!

Thanks for Reading!!


LucyCooper said...

Thank you! Very much! Maybe this will kick-start a post since I have a crippling case of writers block these days...
thanks so much for visiting Jane and I at 4J.
And, "She's Always a Woman" is my fav Billy song. 'cause she sounds kinda naughty, and I can relate.

CentFla said...

Well I don't know Lucy or Megs - But Joan you ARE a Beautiful Blogger.

Just that girl said...

Congrats on your fantastic award! So well deserved, I must say.

I just watched the South Pacific movie today and was swooning over "This Nearly Was Mine." What a song. I would have loved to have heard Robert Goulet sing it.

Mia said...

If it's any consolation he divorced the woman She's Got a Way was written for.

Daisymum said...

Thanks Joan!!!! I've enjoyed your written words. They are inspiring!!!I was shocked to read that you get tongued tied on the phone.Awesome job on your award. I will be tagging you soon on my blog,knitters like to read about other things other than yarn all the time!!!

Joan Harrison said...

To my fellow Joan- thanks for the tag. I'm so glad you enjoy "Doing it With Grace". There's nothing like having a dog with a sense of humor; her goofiness can snap me out of the bitchiest rant. Keep up the great work- I'll keep checking in.

Kellyansapansa said...

What a fabulous list, but I'm afraid I can't go past "Piano Man" as my favourite BJ song :o)

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm impressed by your dedication to the treadmill!

Will definitely check out your blog recommendations :)

Liz Mays said...

Like you, I got sucked into blogging and loved it so much because of all of the other bloggers and blogs out there. I adore reading blogs and spend hours and hours every day doing that!!!

You do need to share that mugging story!!!

Congrats on your award!

Dana said...

Joan...thank you. You are such an inspiration. Writing, living, fact, I think of you every time I see a bird when I'm on my run, and I pray quickly it won't dive-bomb me!! :D

Thanks for stopping by (and tagging) my running blog. I have a more serious one ( don't know how to link within a comment-stop by if you get a chance. (It's a "heavier" read.)

CONGRATS on the award--well deserved. Keep those words coming!

JO said...

You know I am interested in everything you have to say my friend. Thanks for sharing and CONGRATS BB!!!

Heatherlyn said...

I like big band music. It was the era of my great-grandmother. I remember her. Her sister sang in one of the bands and was always bitter that Betty Grable got more acting parts. (She said it was because she would sleep with the directors.) The music seemed more real then.

I definitely see a pattern in your routine. I think that exercize is worth the self-discipline if it means that you can then indulge in your evening cravings. :)

Melissa {Suger} said...

Congratulations on your award. And what a great list! Awesome post.

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