Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Angels Watching Over Me

One of the neat perks of being a ghost tour guide is hearing my guests tell me their own chilling stories.  Just about every night, someone will approach me as we're walking from one site to the next and say something like, "You know, I live in a haunted house!" or "I had a ghost visit me in my room when I was a kid!"

Whenever this happens, I give my guest my full attention and insist they tell me EVERY detail.  Truth is, I'm a sucker for a great ghostly tale!

But a few nights ago, one of my tour goers unveiled a story of a different kind.  She was a quiet,  older woman, there with her two girlfriends enjoying a "Girl's Night Out."  Her companions did most of the talking and answering of the trivia questions I asked (Yes, we play a trivia game on the tour, and the winner receives a Haunted Tavern Tour shot glass!  WHY haven't you been here yet?).  But since I want to make sure ALL of my guests are having a good time, I sat down next to her at one of our stops and struck up a conversation.

She didn't come out with it right away, but in the process of talking, she revealed to me that she had a certain "gift."  Like Haley Joel Osment in Sixth Sense, she can see dead people! She said the streets of Nashville are filled with tired, sad ghosts of former confederate soldiers and lost cowboys.  She told me that she did her best not to make eye contact with them, because as soon as they noticed that she could see them, they would follow her.

I wasn't sure I believed her, but I told her to keep an eye out and let me know if she saw any of the spirits I mentioned on the tour.  She promised she would.  At the end of the evening, I approached her once more and asked her if she "got" anything along the way. She said she saw a few spirits relating to what I was talking about.

But then she pointed to a building across the street. "There's a LOT going on inside THERE!" she said.  I had heard that the structure to which she was referring had some "stories of haunting" attached to it, but my company is still researching and verifying the accounts, so it's not yet part of the tour.  She had no way of knowing this.  My doubt in her ability was beginning to fade.  It was a good thing, too, because I was more prepared to hear what she had to say next:  "You have two male guardian angels attached to you."

Two!!  That's right, TWO!!  Sadly, my first thought was, "I wonder if they look like this guy">>>>>

Unfortunately, the tour was wrapping up and I wasn't able to question her any further. She smiled as she took my hand, thanked me, and wished me luck. Then she was gone.  And there I stood, on 3rd Avenue in downtown Nashville, wondering.

Wondering why God decided I needed TWO guardians, first of all.  I mean, it's not like I do a lot of sky-diving or bungie-jumping these days.  A great deal of my time is spent reading and napping!

Which brings me to another issue I stood pondering:  Aren't my angels BORED?  Also, do they see me when I come out of the shower?  Oh, these poor, poor celestial beings!! They must complain about their job on a daily basis, begging to be reassigned!

But on the drive home, I recalled a book I read several years ago.  It was kind of a Christian science fiction story which revolved around guardian angels fighting for the human beings on earth.  They were constantly battling with the demons that encircled the humans to which they were assigned.  The demons' names were things like, "Self-Doubt," "Greed," and "Shame."

The evil beings would buzz around the ears of the earthlings, whispering condescending words that the humans immediately believed about themselves.  They'd slouch over, burdened by the weight of it.  The angels would swarm in and engage in battle with the demons, warning them to keep away from God's precious creatures.  It was some powerful stuff!  It occurred to me that if this was the case, then I was DEFINITELY in need of two of these guys.

So, with that in mind, I'd like to take a moment to speak to my angels, since we're now aware of each other:

Dear Guardian Angels:

Hi fellas!  I'd just like to start off by thanking you for, so far, a job well done!  I've managed to live 47 full years without a whole lot of tragedy or drama, and for that I'm truly grateful! Also, thanks for having my back each night after my tours as I walk back to my parked car in downtown Nashville. I've always felt some kind of protection on those nights, now I know the source!  You guys ROCK!!

I imagine the "fighting off my demons" thing can be pretty tiresome for you both.  As we all know, I've got plenty of them buzzing around to keep you busy.  Lately, Anxiety and Body Image have been running pretty rampant, so I'd really appreciate if you could just stick a large, sharp saber right through both of their hearts.  That'd be just terrific.  Also, quick question:  Is there, by any chance, a guy named "Keep Her Metabolism As Slow As Possible" encircling me?  If so, could you please see that he dies an intensely painful, slow, torturous death? Thanks!

Here's my last question and then I'll let you get back to work:  Did God send you here to fight my lymphoma? Boy, would that be awesome.  I've been trying so hard out here on my own, and there's a chance I may be losing this current battle.  I could sure use a couple of celestial warriors on my side, because I'm feeling a little weary these days.

Lastly, thanks for believing that I'm special enough to protect.   That may be worth more to me than the actual protection itself.  Another demon bites the dust...

Thanks for Reading!


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

This post moved me like no other Joan.
You see I too have seen ghosts. I lived in a haunted house and I've been told I have a guardian angel around me by someone. The doubt left my face as soon as I saw hers. It was a remarkable moment.

I pray you continue to fight the good fight or better yet no longer have to fight because it is gone!! I'll lend ya a guardian angle to help fight - 3 is always better than 2. :-)

karen said...

This is really quite something. And you should know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are so very special. And like Margaret...you are welcome to my angel as well. Talk to your angels...they are waiting for you to ask for their help...they aren't allowed to intervene without being asked. They are here to work for you...and are so happy when given task. And thank them in advance for the task they will be taking on.
I wish you well. Hugs...big hugs.

Shady Del Knight said...

What a cute story, Joan! Nicely done! Question: Where did you find those two pictures of me in all my winged glory? (LOL) I often think about guardian angels. Sometimes I feel their presence. I believe I have even caught a quick glimpse of them in the corner of my eye before they vanish. The existence of guardian angels is an empowering notion. Anything that helps us to purge our demons is useful because those demons just keep coming around. It's part of being human. Thanks for a wonderful story, Joanie!

CentFla said...

What a beautiful piece honey. I love you.

Unknown said...

Loved this story--and I do believe in guardian angels!

Liz Mays said...

Your guardian spirits are there to keep you going and fight the fight. Don't think for one second that you're losing. Just don't, my sweet friend!

just call me jo said...

I always think of guardian angels as like the little, old guy in "It's a Wonderful Life." What was his name? Marvin? No. Anyway, I like your pictures of those guaridan guys pretty much better. ;o) Though I sincerely doubt those kind would want to be around me for long. My mom believed in angels being around us. I wish I was like that lady (I think) and could see earth bound spirits. I went to Gettysburg, PA, once and I truly could feel the presence of the men who died there. I didn't see them, but I knew they were around us. It was amazing. I love your letter to your body guards. I could use them fighting those same demons except the lymphoma. I pray that they can rage against that bad stuff. I wish I could be on your tour. You are just adorable.

just call me jo said...

Oh, the angel in "wonderful life" was Clarence. I just remembered. Such a sweet little spirit.

Kathy B said...

Profound stuff Joan.

ReformingGeek said...

Wow! That's some spooky stuff.

My grandmother was convinced she saw a ghost at age 13 and my mom's best friend was sure her guardian angel was with her during her (the friend) last days.

Rachel said...

I absolutely believe that God protects us - sometimes with angels, sometimes with people, and sometimes with wisdom. Such a comfort to know that He never leaves us or forsakes us!

Sharon Rose said...

Fighting Lymphoma is a big battle. These guys are in it with you for the long haul. You hold your head high and know God has HIS hand on you and his angels around you, honey.

Red Shoes said...

What if the older woman was one of your spirit guides? There to help you?


Sandra said...

hahaha! Aren't my angels bored? That's the best line EVER!
And your job: awesome! I was riveted to this story, wish that lady had shared more...this was awesome!...I already said that, didn't I...'cause it so is! I love ghost stories, and I'm especially fascinated with the whole "I see dead people" thing.

RoeH said...

Jo's right. You blog is great. I just may keep you around. If you don't mind, that is. I have never seen a 'spirit' or a 'ghost' h - however they like to be called. I've always said I'd scare a ghost to death should he or she appear in my bedroom at night. They'd never come back. I've heard all my life that those we loved in life are around us all the time. I'm not so sure I like that depending on what I'm doing at the time. (I swear sometimes) But I've definately been aware that somebody is helping at times when I drive long distances by myself. I won't tell you experiences for fear of jinxing it. But something is out there and around.

Dana said...

Really great post Joan. There's a movie called "Ink" that's pretty much like the story you talked about reading. It's interesting to think about how much is going on that we (well, most of us) NEVER see with our eyes.

I'm praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, Joan.

Amy said...

Very interesting stuff. I just came over from Jo's blog.

I believe there are spirits all around us. Sometimes I wish I could see them but most of the time I am glad that I can't. I would love to know who my guardian angel is or even if I have one.

I am going to become your newest follower. Interesting stuff.

Kakka said...

I had been told by a friend who was clairvoyant, that my eldest grand-daughter had 4 spirit guides, this was when she was about 2 years old. I believe that they saved her when she had a car accident that should have killed her, just before her 5th birthday. She used to talk to them all the time, and she still goes but more discretely now she is nearly 15. Sure she ended up with brain damage and a learning disability, but by rights she should have died of head injuries.

I can not reconcile my belief in my head, but in my heart it is a true story.

regan said...

Loved this story.....and I would have wanted to talk more with this woman.....I believe some people have that gift, but there are too many fakers out there, and I'm sure the real ones are forever leery of letting people know about it. So nice that she shared with you about your guardian angels.....how comforting to know!

Shan said...

Hey Joan,
I hope your angels hear your pleas and are able to help, especially with your continued safety after work and the whole lymphoma battle.
Big hugs :+)

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